Edmond Kaliqi new member of the SB of M-NAV

The Macedonian Air Traffic Controllers Association congratulates the election of our member – Edmond Kaliqi as a member of the Supervisory Board of M-NAV GOJSC.

Edmond Kaliqi, air traffic controller in the Skopje ACC, started his controller career in 2004, where he completed his initial training in Prague. In 2006, he obtained a planner license, and in 2008, an executive controller license. He has been working as an instructor since 2013, and as a supervisor since 2021.

In addition to Edmond, the two previous members of the Supervisory Board of M-NAV GOJSC remain – Kristijan Mihajloski and Dimitar Djekov.

MATCA already had its own member in the Supervisory Board before, when our colleague Milan Jakimov served as a member of the Supervisory Board for four years, since the independence of M-NAV GOJSC.

We sincerely wish our member Edmond Kaliqi success in his work, and we are at his service in his mission together with the new Executive Director of ANS, our colleague Hekuran Asani, to set the new direction of our organization.