International Women’s Day

On the occasion of today’s March 8 – International Women’s Day, MATCA supports IFATCA in the Invest in women: Accelerate Progress campaign. For this purpose, our association participated in the production of the video that the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Task Force dedicated to this holiday. Unfortunately, the percentage of female air traffic controllers and assistant air traffic controllers in Macedonia is still below 10%, but our tireless mission is that that percentage will increase in the future. Until then, let’s salute all the colleagues who gave a part of themselves to keep today’s air traffic control alive and well:

Lidija, Nadica, Zorica, Svetlana, Katica, Marina, Frosina, Jelena, Mira, Irena, Violeta, Katerina, Elizabeta, Katarina, Jasminka, Gordana, Florina, Advije, Jelena, Vesna, Svetlana, Jelena, Brankica, Ivana, Natasha, Mieser, Anita, Jasminka, Marija, Sonja, Emel, Aida, Berta, Djavide, Edita, Ajten, Daniela Ana….
And more to come…